Bryan Levay


I'm Bryan Levay. I'm passionate about the liminal, blurry space between the creative and technical worlds. We live in a world where the practice of "design" applies to circuits and programs as much as sketching with a pencil, and I feel most at home when I'm finding new ways to be creative, technically.

Professionally, I work for LinkedIn making infrastructure, tooling, and reusable UI components in support of our design system, with a focus on accessibility and developer experience. There I speak a lot of JS, CSS, and HTML, and have a hand in developing huge single page apps and supporting hundreds of develpers

Prior to coding, I was educated in the ways of audio engineering and worked in the music industry in Nashville, TN for a while. Audio, music, and sound design continue to be major parts of my life. I play bass guitar, make weird sounds with my giant modular synth, and slowly perfect my home studio. When I'm not coding or turning knobs, I like to spend time in nature and tend to my ever-growing collection of interesting succulents and bonsai starters.

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